Southern Wild Co 300g Candle </p>(5 scents)
Southern Wild Co 300g Candle </p>(5 scents)
Southern Wild Co 300g Candle </p>(5 scents)
Southern Wild Co 300g Candle </p>(5 scents)
Southern Wild Co 300g Candle </p>(5 scents)
Southern Wild Co 300g Candle </p>(5 scents)
Southern Wild Co 300g Candle </p>(5 scents)

Southern Wild Co 300g Candle

(5 scents)


Handcrafted in Australia, each candle is hand-poured using a sustainable natural soy blend. Southern Wild Co create artisan scents using essential oils and non-toxic fine fragrances, that evoke aromatic snapshots of the Australian landscape.

300g 10oz soy wax, two 100% cotton wicks, approx. 70+hr burn time. Recyclable kraft paper tube 95mm in diameter; 125mm in height.

Imbue your home with the scent and beauty of the Australian landscape.


A celebration of our deep connection to the ocean; of childhood play and placid pools to fearless explorers and roaring oceans with a hint of the tropics carried on a salty breeze.

Opening with a sparkle of bergamot and melon followed by fresh and rejuvenating aquatic and green notes, Ocean Isle is underpinned by the queen of all tropical flowers, Frangipani.

Imagine diving under waves.


The promise of heat and long, lazy days; of golden views taken from the refuge of a cool, shady verandah; the scent of gumnut blossoms carried on a warm summer breeze. 

Top notes of fresh hay and tobacco leaf combine with soothing and comforting honey and iris whilst rich amber base notes evoke the subtle, spicy warmth of a late summer afternoon. 

Our Place is the scent of Australian summers.


A melting pot of native Australian botanicals and gentle homegrown flora, Sirens is a luscious blend of lemon myrtle, silver wattle and rose wrapped gracefully in warm woody undertones. 

Southern Wild Co pays homage to the siren call of the wild and romantic bush on our doorstep.


A tribute to the Milky Way and the sparkling mystery of the vast southern sky; the rooftop of that wild and beautiful place we call home.

Intense and mysterious, Southern Sky’s top notes of cinnamon leaf and lemon peel are underpinned by resinous elemi, adding an unexpectedly smoky, cool incense vibe which is reinforced with light, spicy tobacco, earthy vetiver and patchouli. 

Think curling smoke from a crackling campfire under the gum trees, reaching up to a million sparkling stars.


A magical slice of Australian Christmas served up in whisky-tinted glass with spicy notes of baked citrus, cardamon & cloves.

Think rude puddings & childhood memories wrapped in warm aromas of sandalwood & vanilla.



Inspired by the beautiful poem ‘On Australian Hills’ by poet Ada Cambridge and Blackheath artist, Natasha Daniloff’s painting, Flame and Fade, Hidden Vale is a fragrance as arresting and unique as the blue haze that envelopes the extraordinary natural beauty of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. 

Imagine the warmth of last light on majestic sandstone cliffs as shadows come to rest in hidden gullies below.