Brigid McLaughlin

Brigid McLaughlin designs clothes that are individual and timeless.  She believes in making clothes that can be collected and worn for years to come. Clothing made with great care;  employing ethical and environmentally sound practices.

Brigid McLaughlin is passionate about slow clothing.  Quality, natural fabrics that last a lifetime.  The craftsmanship of a well cut pattern.  The beauty of a garment that looks just as good on the inside as the outside. 

Unexpected details.

All these elements take time to execute. They cultivate small luxuries that indulge the wearer.  Brigid McLaughlin works with a small but exceptional team of craftspeople who excel at what they do in an industry that is at risk of losing the skills of yesteryear; the art of tailoring, draping, cutting and sewing.

Australian design is all about ease of wear, care and colour.  Brigid McLaughlin aspires to make pieces that can be lived in.  Pieces that are uniquely Australian.