The Grampians Goods Co 250gsm Candle </p>(6 scents)
The Grampians Goods Co 250gsm Candle </p>(6 scents)
The Grampians Goods Co 250gsm Candle </p>(6 scents)
The Grampians Goods Co 250gsm Candle </p>(6 scents)
The Grampians Goods Co 250gsm Candle </p>(6 scents)
The Grampians Goods Co 250gsm Candle </p>(6 scents)
The Grampians Goods Co 250gsm Candle </p>(6 scents)
The Grampians Goods Co 250gsm Candle </p>(6 scents)

The Grampians Goods Co 250gsm Candle

(6 scents)


Hand poured using eco-friendly soy waxes and infused with 100%, bespoke pure essential oil blends, The Grampians Goods Co collection is for people who seek sophisticated and luxe aroma. 

The candles have the actual smell of their respective essential oil blend and won't taint your home with generic fragrances that resemble a cheap cologne.  Strong and effective aromatherapeutic properties and a natural alternative to the infamous toxic candles, full of formaldehyde.  No synthetics in our scents and no lead or zinc in our pure cotton wicks.

Inspired by the rugged Grampians landscape, our essential oil blends represent 6 specific emotions we want to elicit with each one.



The fresh and exotic aroma of grapefruit meets the bracing floral tones of geranium.  This oil blend promotes clarity, emotional stability, and openness.

Let the zesty and rosy scent uplift you and reduce any mental fatigue, helping you connect with the moment and restore stability. Inspired by the clear night sky of the Grampians, we believe it’ll help you get rid of the clutter and regain your peace of mind.

Commit using this rejuvenating essential oil blend and you’ll experience unmatched FOCUS and mental sharpness.


The rich, fruity drops of Roman chamomile long hailed as an antidote to stress, easing feelings of anxiety and irritability accompanied by the cool, ethereal French lavandin which promotes feelings of hope, boosts mental strength and combats negative thoughts.  This staple essential oil blend will help you calm your mind and repose.

Let go of your worries and regain control of your emotions. You’re “floating”, unbound, light, almost weightless. Switch off, escape the noise, and breath in the scent of nature, without having to leave your home.

RELAX any time during the day.


Imagine the scent of a freshly peeled orange, combined with the rejuvenating sweet, floral essence of palmarosa.  This essential oil blend aims to bring harmony and tranquility to your space and help you release your mental blocks.

Make space for vitality and connect with your true self and inner spirit. Let the invigorating energy of the glorious Grampians bring you HARMONY and assist you in balancing the duality of your psyche. Experience the full effects of the citrus and herbaceous synergy.


The spicy, warm scent of clove accentuates the sweetness of the seductive jasmine.  This powerful combination will get you out of your head and into your body, enhancing your physical awareness.

Dive deep into the moment and experience sensuality to the fullest, with the help of what can only be described as a powerful aphrodisiac. Open up and embrace the raw, magnetic power of nature. Notice the beauty surrounding you and appreciate the simple things.

Elevate your mood and AWAKEN THE SENSES, every day, unapologetically.


Experience the energising duality of strong citrus and balancing basil.  A must-have essential oil that revitalises the body and “wakes up” the mind.

The bright, clean aroma purifies the atmosphere and subtly blends with the scents of your home. The after-effect simulates the joy and rush of exploring the wild Australian nature or climbing a mountain – and motivates you for more!

A natural “uplifter”, Lemon and Basil will give you the necessary ENERGY to seize the day and get more out of life.  Light up one of our aromatherapy candles to end the night with inspiration and energy for the next day.


Tantalising and penetrating. A refreshing alloy of earthy and warm notes.  It’s a blend that grounds your inner self and brings out your assertiveness.

Like the rugged yet majestic Grampians, the resinous, forest-like scent of this essential oil blend will provide “yang”, masculine energy for you to draw strength and courage from. It stabilises and cools your emotions – and it has a strong “kick” that will improve your mood!

Siberian Fir and Cedarwood is the key combination for CONFIDENCE, especially for the days where nothing goes right…