Linii Huon Pine</p>Wardrobe Pouch

Linii Huon Pine

Wardrobe Pouch


Protect the investment you have made in your knitwear!  The Linii Huon Pine Pouch will stop odours and holes caused by fabric eating pests. 

Huon Pine contains a naturally occurring ingredient that gives the timber its unique smell, preservative and repellent qualities.

Huon Pine will repel mites, silverfish, moths and fleas. It will not kill them, nor will it remove an infestation. Huon Pine will keep an area free of these pests, discouraging them to nest. It works in the same manner as a traditional moth ball without the terrible smell.

Perfect for linen and clothing cupboards, sports bags, blanket or toys boxes. The 70g Pouch will protect an enclosed space 1m2.

100% Chemical Free and all natural.